A Unique Blend of Courage by Sandra Beck, Military Mom Talk Radio


Sandra Beck receives award for over 20 years service to USMC Toys for Tots

Fresh on the heels of filing for divorce a few years ago, I was hired for not one, but two, radio shows.  Military Mom Talk Radio still on the air today and Motherhood Talk Radio in syndication.  Though I went to journalism and business school at Northwestern University and achieved both my undergraduate and graduate degrees it had been years since I had been in front or behind the media.

When the station called to see if I would accept, I looked at my bodyguard, confidant, friend and supporter Rick and asked if he thought I could do it.  He said, “of course you can” with the supreme utter confidence I lacked swimming in the dismal failure of my now dead marriage and identity.

Years later, I asked him if he really thought I could do it and he confessed he had no idea. He did say he knew that if I didn’t try that I would regret it.  He was right. I cursed him for being handsome, physically intimidating and wise, but at the end of the day I was grateful to lean on his confidence in me- especially as I had none of my own at that time.

I have been spending the past few days reading cards and letters and emails about the show, its accomplishments, how it has changed policies, practices and lives.  I have let my self be complimented and patted on the back because my little idea has blossomed into millions of listeners at the hands of my wonderful network Toginet.

One statement in these acknowledgements rose up among the rest written by a regular contributor to the show Dr. Suzanne Phillips.  Suzanne gave testimony before Congress on the needs of the military family.  Men and women don’t go to war she said, families go to war and as a result there are many military mothers. The include the mothers who have to leave their children behind to serve, military spouses who hold on to their children and the life at home while there partners serve and the mothers who send their children off to war.

“What I have come to know about military moms,” Suzanne wrote to me today, “is that they bring a unique blend of courage that makes the impossible-possible. Thank you Sandra Beck, it has been a privilege and an honor.”

If you asked me post-divorce five years ago would I be celebrating 200 shows, over 500 hours of interviews with experts on military, family, relationships and women I would have thought you were off your rocker. It would have felt like a far away dream or a vision that could not possibly come true.

Yet, here I am.

The impossible can indeed become possible. I am living proof. Every day with my shows I am inspired by maternal resiliency, courage, sacrifice and perseverance. It has made me a better mother, friend, lover and daughter. I appreciate all the accolades, awards and honors bestowed on me for my service to the military, but most of all I appreciate how it made me grow in areas I couldn’t even imagine, taken me to places most people never see and introduce me to fascinating, inspiring and interesting people most people would never meet.

All because I said yes to something that I never thought I could do.  It is me who needs to thank the station, the guests, the fans and my supporters because without you I would not be here today.  My service is small in comparison to the daily sacrifice of our military moms and their service members, but I am proud of my accomplishments none-the-less.

Thank you Military Mom Talk Radio for an outstanding 200 shows together.






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