Military Mom Talk Radio honors all who serve our country – now and in the past.  We’ve opened up our scrapbooks to share with you our families who have served, and to share photos from our listeners of servicemen and women we are proud to honor .

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Robert Beck

Sandra’s dad  LTJG Robert G. Beck, USNR

As a Midshipman I served on The U.S.S Burdo APD 133 (APD stands for All Purpose Destroyer)

Once Commissioned I served on the U.S.S. Macon Ca 132. It was a heavy cruiser.
My home port was Norfolk, Va. then Boston, Mass.
Along north on the east coast to the St. Laurence River Canada on to Ottawa then to Havana, Cuba many times to Gitmo, Cuba then to Northern Europe, Sweden, Germany then to the Mediterranean visiting Spain, France Italy,Greece,Turkey,Tripoli, Gibralta, Malta.

Stephen Boyd, Robin Boyd, Military Mom Talk Radio, Special Forces, Green Berets, Sandra Beck, Tina Gonzales

SGT Stephen Boyd, II Corps

Robin’s husband Sgt. Stephen Boyd,  SF US Army

5th Special Forces Group
Det B-55
Det A503
This is the leadership of the 1st Combat Recon Platoon (CRP) 1st Bn 5th Mobile Strike Force; Republic of Viet Nam
Standing, second from left Sgt Stephen Boyd, light weapons, 4 from left, SSG Robert Link, medical specialist.

Robin’s father and son-in-law, both served with the First Marine Division

Ryan David Poirier, Robin Boyd, United States Marine Corp., First Marine Division, Military Mom Talk Radio, Sandra Beck, Tina Gonzales,

Cpl. Ryan David Poirier

Francis Kasper, United States Marine Corp., First Marine Division, Robin Boyd, Military Mom Talk Radio, Sandra Beck, Tina Gonzales

Cpl. Francis Kasper

When Robin’s daughter Emily started dating Ryan, it was good karma.  Ryan served with the same division Robin’s dad did.  Emily and Ryan are now married!  “Papa” would be so proud!

Here’s more of Sandra’s dad

Aboard the USS Macon in working uniform

Stationed on the “wing” of the bridge

Taken the day he graduated from RPI and received his Commission—1955


One of our listeners has shared this beautiful work of art with us.  She is a talented quilter, scrapbooker, and makes the most beautifully hand-crafted greeting cards.  Here’s a comment from her blog – we encourage you to visit both locations listed below and enjoy her work.  Thanks, Sally, for honoring our wounded warriors!

Sally Anne Johnson, honoring veterans, wounded warriors, military mom talk radioSoldier of Valor Quilt

“I got the idea for the “Soldier of Valor Quilt” from my local quilters guild: Cape Cod Quilters Guild, here on Cape Cod. A member mentioned during one of our meetings asked if anyone was interested in completing this quilt front she was holding up with a very patriotic theme for the Soldier of Valor Program. I eagerly raised my hand and said I would love to complete this as I have family members and friends servicing currently in the Armed Forces, and enjoy helping out with any organization dealing with our servicemen and women.  The idea behind this program is to make quilts for injured solders who are in the hospital and are recovering from injuries received in combat. I feel it is a small piece to contribute to make the recovery from injuries for soldiers go a bit more easily…”

“Our servicemen and women need as much support as we can give them. They serve our country, give up time from being with their family members, and also there are so many that have given the ultimate sacrifice. I am particularly close to a situation where we lost two local soldiers, one a Marine and one an Army soldier. They didn’t get the chance to recover, because they gave the biggest sacrifice one could give… I currently have three that I have contributed, and I hope you enjoy the picture of this quilt located below, and hope to make many more.  Please feel free to leave comments or question – I look forward to hearing from you.”

Sally Anne Johnson
W. Yarmouth, MA

Recently Military Mom Talk Radio hosted Betsy Beard, author and editor of TAPS magazine, shared the following poem in honor of her son, SPC Bradley Beard.

SPC Bradley Beard


In Honor of Our Fallen Heroes
by Elisabeth A Beard
July 25,2005

Against the dark and graceless night
A candle burns: so small, yet bright
One flame alone; one tiny light
To mourn for lives lost in the fight.

Against the fear of grief, alone
Remembering soldiers loved, well-known,
Two candles burn; the light has grown
To honor names now carved in stone.

Against the pain so strong, so deep
More candles burn. Their bright flames leap.
They have a sacred charge to keep:
To shine for soldiers now asleep.

Betsy is author of Klinger: A Story of Honor and Hope 




Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd of Military Mom Talk Radio

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